Mandy Ellen

Principal: Mandy Ellen is a member of the International Dance Teachers Association, where she holds fellowship qualifications.
Mandy has been dancing since the age of 3 and has studied all genres of Musical Theatre and Dance. Mandy is passionate about dance and ensures that her own knowledge and experiences are passed on to the student body by taking very hands on approach, to both the fulfilment of the syllabus and the quality of her own teaching staff.

Mandy prides herself on being a very approachable principal, she always has time to listen and offer support where she can, whilst ensuring that her very high standards are maintained. Mandy has always instilled in both her students and her team that although she expects the very best ‘learning can be fun’.

Mandy Ellen founded her school of dance over 20 years ago, having successfully trained pupils in all aspects of dance. It wasn’t long before Mandy realised that the next step to supporting her pupils in their chosen field was to offer additional coaching and support to those who wanted to train professionally.

Mandy opened her studios in January 2005, and following an amazing first half year soon decided it was time to open the doors to her performing arts college, and so courses began in September of the same year offering pupils a local alternative to professional training without the need to travel to London.

Mandy has always felt that performing arts is fast becoming out of reach to a lot of very talented pupils, due not only to the cost involved but also the locations available. As such her main aim has always been to offer the very best training in musical theatre and dance, but at a price that is affordable, and so ensures that everyone has access to some of the very best training available. With her knowledge of the world of performing arts, Mandy is also a realist and acknowledges that every student will need a resource to support themselves; as such Mandy ensures that all her students strive towards achievement of their teaching associates / diplomas.